My holiday binder



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I adore the autumn/Thanksgiving/Christmas season. After Labor Day, I kick into high gear, keen on squeezing every last moment of seasonal fun out of the next four months. If I’m not careful, this fervor can easily turn into overwhelming burnout by New Year’s Eve. How do I manage it? My trusty Holiday Binder.

The idea came to me through the many organized homemakers on YouTube. Every homemaker’s Holiday Binder looks different, organized specifically for the person using it. Some of the things inside mine are:

  • An at-a-glance calendar of all four months, with annual events I want to attend and deadlines I can’t forget, like when to order Christmas cards.
  • Tips and notes about what did and did not work in years past. Reminders of what not to forget, and warnings about the things that failed gloriously.
  • Favorite recipes, tried and true menus, and their respective ingredient shopping lists. These have saved my hostess/cook butt on more than one occasion.
  • My personal inventory of the seasonal things I love to buy every year, like hand soaps, candles, and candies. Things that are easy to overbuy in seasonal excitement.

Other common holiday binder components include budgets, gift lists, and a sheet on which to track Christmas card addresses.

I can’t recommend this idea enough! By updating my binder every January, I’m able to hit the ground running every September. It breaks up an enormous to do list into smaller, more regular deadlines, each with its own early reminder. It keeps me just ahead of the curve, so I’m able to pause more often to relax and enjoy my favorite time of the year.

If making your own lists seems intimidating, check out Etsy for beautiful printable holiday binder pages to get you started!

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