Early fall decor sales

It’s finally August, meaning it’s less than one month until we fall enthusiasts get the green light to transform our living spaces! Not only did I not get to participate last fall because we were packing and moving, but I have a brand new space in which to play this year. I CANNOT WAIT TO BEGIN!

2019-08-02 10.20.17 1.jpg

Here is the insider secret: right now is THE BEST time to buy decor, and not just fall-themed either. These stores need to clear shelf space for the madness that is the holidays, so this is the sweet (yet short) spot of spring/summer clearance combined with fall/Christmas introduction sale pricing that can save you loads of money. I also combined these already low prices with coupons. Almost everywhere has some kind of email/text coupon service, many of which can be accessed on your phone while standing in line to pay. At more than one store, I got 40% off AND buy-one-get-one-free on all new fall items + 70% clearance on Christmas and spring + a 20% off your entire purchase including sale items coupon. I saved literally hundreds of dollars.

2019-08-02 10.20.18 2.jpg

Another tip: for certain common craft items, bypass the fall section in the front of the store and check the spring clearance, usually near the back. At Michael’s, I found the exact same faux cotton stems for 70% off with a spring tag, as opposed to full price with a fall tag.

2019-08-02 10.20.17 2.jpg

I also love that it’s becoming more popular to step away from the traditional yellow-orange and brown combo. My fall decor leans toward deep purples, blue-based greens, calming creams, oranges with more of a red undertone. I’m incorporating deep brown acorns with deep blue and dusty green pumpkins. I found stunning peacock green and wine-colored eucalyptus for 50% off. I even bought a few farmhouse items, like a tan buffalo check table runner.

2019-08-02 10.20.16 1.jpg

Yesterday’s haul was from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Joann Fabrics. I admittedly spent quite a bit, but I also saved more than I spent! I’m especially in love with the soft Cuddle Weather pillow and the series of three amusing plaques. #CrazyPumpkinLady

2019-08-02 10.19.31 1.jpg

If fall decor is your thing, GO NOW! It’s our time to shine! And stay tuned for a full fall decor tour once everything is up. I can’t wait to find new places for all my favorite decor items in our new home!

2019-08-02 10.20.18 1.jpg

And we haven’t even mentioned Christmas yet… ((wink, wink))

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