Christmas in July (video)

I’m just going to admit it: last Christmas, I completely missed the opportunity to post a holiday home tour. It wasn’t that I didn’t film and edit one; I did. I just let the mania of the season and other life stuff sweep me away in busyness. ((insert cringy emoji here)) So I’m taking advantage of Christmas in July to finally post it.

Decorating for the holidays is, by far, my favorite part of keeping a home. 2019 was the first year we hosted in our new house, which presented some interesting opportunities and challenges. It’s the first year we had multiple interior trees, the first year we hung exterior lights, and the first year we hosted overnight guests. I ended up rather pleased with the results, along with a list of ideas to build on this coming holiday season.

So to those kindred spirits who love Christmas so much, they can’t help but sneak a carol or two in the dead of summer, the ones who squealed when they caught their first glimpses of garland arriving at Hobby Lobby already, you are my tribe, and this is for you. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

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