Cook With Me: Lemon Herb Chicken (video)

It’s here! My first attempt at a Cook With Me recipe video. ((insert applause here)) Pardon the roughness; I’m still learning how to film and edit these popular videos. I envision this will be the one I look back on in several years and smile at how much I’ve learned since.

This chicken marinade, however, is solid! It’s a great one to cook on the grill during the warm summer months.  Click here for the complete recipe.

KITCHEN HACK: Litehouse freeze-dried herbs. While I prefer using fresh ingredients whenever I can, sometimes I need a backup. These little bottles of freeze dried herbs have been lifesavers for me. I especially like the wide variety you can’t find in the dried spice aisle, like cilantro, spring onions, and chives. You can find them in/near the produce department of most grocery stores. Note: you’ll need to add a little more of the herbs than you would if you were using fresh, as the drying process mellows the depth of flavor.

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2 thoughts on “Cook With Me: Lemon Herb Chicken (video)”

  1. that was fun to watch! I love your hands 🙂 You make it look easy to make yummy food 🙂 I love the no bowl cleanup too.
    Wish I was there filming you 🙂
    I love you!



  2. Great first video! From a non cooker, it would be great to see that you shook the bag with the marinade on screen. So either include it (shake it lower!) or just segue right into the putting chicken in the bag. Also, is there anyway to maybe put the recipe/instructions off to the right? So it’s not covering what you are so brilliantly doing? And I guess the only other thing might be to have your ingredients out on the workspace, so folks can match the ingredient on the recipe to the ingredient on the screen. And stuff just isn’t magically appearing? You could always make generic ingredient labels (or pre-portion stuff out) so nothing is branded, and the audience can see what you are putting in. I love it though! ❤


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