Postcholecystectomy Valentine’s Day

We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with some sort of special food. For this year, I had ordered Chicken Parmesan Pizzas from Quality Italian in NYC for our Valentine’s dinner. However, I’m in the middle of a long, frustrating Postcholecystectomy Syndrome flare up. I’ve been on chicken broth and crackers for two weeks now, so the pizzas are going to have to stay in the freezer, hopefully to eat later.

Even though I’m feeling poorly, I couldn’t do nothing for my husband. And that’s when an idea popped into my head. We had whole grain waffle mix in the pantry. We had strawberries that needed to be eaten soon. And we had a little bit of heavy whipping cream in the fridge.

So I got to work making him one of his favorite breakfasts…

It’s simple, far less than my husband deserves. But it’s fitting for the last year we’ve had. We may not have roses and hearts today, but we are standing firmly by each other’s side through the hardest period of time we’ve ever faced. As a result, we’re more committed to each other than we’ve ever been before, and that means more to me than any bouquet of flowers.

But still, fresh waffles with strawberries are awfully nice, am I right?

Postcholecystectomy/gallbladder note: I substituted applesauce for the oil in the waffle batter, and it worked beautifully! And for those in a flare up like myself, eat your waffle plain, or at least skip the whipped cream.

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