Spring on Greenwood

Spring weather has me all kinds of excited right now! Flowers are in bloom, spring festivals are filling my calendar, and it’s time to fill our primarily-neutral house with some vibrant color!

I wish I had more storage room to bulk up my spring decor collection, but I’m limited to two small bins in my garage that I have already completely outgrown. If I ever figure out where to stash more, I will undoubtedly go nuts with all the great spring decor available nowadays.

Blues are my favorite color family. In the spring, I love to compliment them with bright greens, yellows, melons, and poppy reds. To my delight, these combinations have been growing in popularity lately. It goes really well with the boxwood wreaths and magnolias I already have throughout the house.

My favorite additions this year are two bright floral rugs; they make everything so cheerful! The bright blue watering can and metal tulips were originally a decoration at a local flower farm. When I saw them, I loved the combo so much, I took the whole thing to the cashier and bought it. I have fallen unapologetically for the spring bunny craze in home decor right now.

And finally, I have begun collecting Williams Sonoma’s Damask Bunny dishes for spring. I especially adore the dinner plate print. Just like my Christmas Twas the Night collection, these dishes cost a pretty penny. So I’m collecting slowly, using primarily clearance and sale prices.

Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the bunny that looks cross-eyed; how can you not smile at that face?

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