Exciting new upgrades!

We’ve had some recent exciting upgrades to Greenwood Place East: a new washer and dryer set, our first new appliance purchase!

I admittedly never liked the front loader washer that came with our house. You see, we don’t have a dedicated laundry room. It’s more of an open laundry closet off a main hallway, and the mammoth front loading units were clearly too large for the allotted space. This was especially irritating because, like almost all front loader owners will tell you, we could never close the washer door lest the front seal ring grow mold even faster than it already did. This left us with a constantly-open washer door obstructing one of our main walkways….and mold.

However, appliances aren’t cheap, so we decided we would keep, use, clean, and appreciate our functioning washer until it was no longer worth keeping. So when the washer’s water pump went out last week, trapping our souring clothes in the locked drum and almost flooding our top floor, we decided it was finally time to upgrade.

Our original units

I knew I wanted a top loader with an agitator and a deep fill option. In the 2-1/2 years we have used this front loader, it has ruined all our towels and many of our clothes for one simple reason: the washer was too high efficiency and never used enough water. Our laundry was either not totally clean or we couldn’t fully rinse out the soap, and these problems only seemed to be getting worse. If we were going to invest in new appliances, I wanted to know I was submerging the laundry in an appropriate amount of water to get the job done properly.

Originally, we were going to go fully old school, getting the only commercial Maytag washer/dryer combo available for residential use. They came with a 10-year limited warranty and have excellent reviews for getting laundry done efficiently and dependably. However, they’re ultimately built for function, not form. They’re loud, they’re clunky, and the washer drum was actually smaller than our front loader.

We ultimately ended up choosing newer Maytag models. They have the same 10-year limited warranty, the washer cleans and spins the clothes better, they’re both quieter, and the spin cycle no longer shakes our entire second floor. Additionally, the washer drum is enormous compared to our old front loader. And while this washer offers a deep fill option if we ever need it, all the other settings use a high efficiency sensor to save unnecessary water. It really is the best of both worlds.

There are two additional bonus features I love. The first is a faucet of water that pours into the washer to pretreat garments directly into the drum. The second is kind of silly, but I still love it: when my load is done, these units play a happy little melody and I get a text notification on my phone. I never thought I could get this excited doing laundry, but here we are!

I realized quickly we were going to run into a problem. Our front loaders had the drawer bases that offered significant storage underneath, so I was going to need to find a new home for all the items inside. Since the new units were lower (and therefore easier for short, little me to reach everything), we had room to add a shelf on the wall above them. I picked up some matching containers to hold all the bottles, grabbed my label maker, and got to work.

New final set up fits much better!

I must admit I’m quite happy with the finished setup. The new washer and dryer work so much better; our clothes are actually softer than they’ve ever been with the front loaders. Plus, these new units simply fit better into the space, there’s no awkward door opened into the walkway, and I no longer need a step-stool to reach my supplies.

How about you? Do you prefer top or front loaders? Do you get excited about new appliances, as well?

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