A Sweet Farewell

Confession: I love people through food.

As a cherished friend is moving out-of-state tomorrow, I knew I had to send her family off right. We all know that the last night in your packed home always presents multiple challenges, especially before a long-haul move. So today, my kitchen is filled with the smells of the meal I’m dropping off this evening: homemade lasagna, rosemary olive oil garlic bread, and a rosemary vinaigrette tossed salad.

TIP: If you ever choose to bless someone in this way, I recommend bringing disposable/recyclable dishes with you, so the recipients don’t have to worry about washing, transporting, or returning any dishes to you as they head off for their new home.

However, while a wholesome meal is always pragmatic and helpful, how could I possibly send them off without a big ole bag of my signature cowboy cookies for the road?

And to the cherished friend and her family: this is not good bye, it’s just see you later. I promise to keep your journey in my prayers, and I can’t wait to see how this new chapter unfolds for you. Don’t think for a second I won’t come visit in your new neck of the woods. Godspeed!

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