The Cookie Trick

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my short few years as a homeowner, it’s this:
Whenever you hire service people to work on your home, make them something to eat.

When our carpenter team worked in our house for a week, I had piping hot coffee ready every morning.

When our pressure washers were up on the eaves of our roof, cleaning moss and gunk out of our gutters and roof tiles, I brought out a bag of homemade pastries.

When our electrician was hard at work on our new light fixtures, I offered snack food.

And yesterday, as our landscaping team was hard at work on the mess that has become our yard, I took them hot cookies fresh out of the oven.

It’s not a huge gesture, but I’ve noticed people have a tendency to go the extra mile for the account who recognizes their efforts and offers something tasty. By personalizing the job, it’s a way to say thank you for not only their hard work, but more importantly, for taking extra care with your home. I especially recommend it for service workers that will return on a regular basis.

They frequently show their appreciation, as well. We’ve been offered free upgrades, small complimentary add-on jobs, friendly discounts, an additional tweak here, extra attention there. And they always clean up after themselves when they leave. This kind of stuff matters to me, and it’s worth the extra effort.

Next time you hire out a job, try it; it works!

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