Gallbladder Disease Tips for Foodies

One of my biggest challenges of 2020 was receiving a medical diagnosis of Chronic Cholecystitis and Choledocholithiasis. In layman's terms, gallbladder disease. I'd unknowingly been struggling with it for decades during which I'd developed multiple gallstones, several of which were exceptionally large in size. The biggest one had dislodged and partially blocked my bile duct,… Continue reading Gallbladder Disease Tips for Foodies

Huevos Rancheros Divorciados

My husband and I awoke this morning wanting a heartier-than-normal breakfast, and sometimes a gray January morning just needs a little spice. I decided to make Gabriela Cámara's Huevos Rancheros Divorciados from her Masterclass, using two of the fresh, from-scratch salsas I made last week. My husband approved so overwhelmingly, he's pushing for this to… Continue reading Huevos Rancheros Divorciados

Gabriela Cámara’s Salsa Verde Cruda and Adobo Rojo de Chiles

I've finished my first Masterclass - Gabriela Cámara Teaches Mexican Cooking - and today was my first attempt at applying some of the skills I learned, namely Salsa Verde Cruda and Adobo Rojo de Chiles (marinade for Tacos al Pastor). This was my first time working with achiote, tomatillos, and several varieties of chilies, and… Continue reading Gabriela Cámara’s Salsa Verde Cruda and Adobo Rojo de Chiles

Christmas Clean-Up Tips

Disclaimer: if you are someone whose holiday collection fits easily into just a couple of bins, or perhaps you always go to other's home to celebrate, these tips are likely unnecessary. But if you are that consummate host with shelves and shelves of Christmas decor, someone who hosts out-of-town guests, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas parties… Continue reading Christmas Clean-Up Tips

Drying oranges for Christmas garland

It's the 22nd of December, and all those little finishing touches are my favorite part of preparing for the holidays. This year, I tried something I never had before: drying orange slices for garland. Dried fruit looks beautiful, and citrus is one of my favorite scents. To accomplish this without a dehydrator, slice oranges thinly… Continue reading Drying oranges for Christmas garland