Building a GI-Friendly Meal Rotation

Today marks Day 12 of the treatment plan for my complicated cocktail of Candida + SIBO + gallbladder removal recovery. At almost two weeks in, the supplements and antifungals are finally beginning to gain traction against the toxins and inflammation in my gut. As a result, I'm slowly able to increase my intake of food… Continue reading Building a GI-Friendly Meal Rotation

Turkey and Sage Patties

Another GI-recovery friendly recipe! Can you picture me doing my happy dance in my kitchen? This original recipe was for breakfast patties, much like sausage, but I think these work for any meal. They're packed with protein and make an excellent dinner. I had mine with roasted artichoke hearts on the side. I was skeptical… Continue reading Turkey and Sage Patties

GI-Recovery Turmeric Chicken Soup

DISCLAIMER: This recipe is personalized to my GI health and therefore breaks several FODMAP diet, Candida diet, and low-fat gallbladder diet restrictions. Please use your own judgment, especially if you are in the initial elimination phase of any of these diets. This soup doesn't look like much, but this recipe has been a lifesaver in… Continue reading GI-Recovery Turmeric Chicken Soup

GI Health Update and Meal Plan

This week's meal plan and grocery list are different than usual. This is because the lab results are finally in for the health problems I've had for the last 9 weeks, meaning I finally have a treatment plan. I'm starting a new journey and bringing you with me. Quick back story As previously mentioned, my… Continue reading GI Health Update and Meal Plan

Breakfast burritos 101

Today, I'm making breakfast burritos for my husband's week of early mornings. There are a couple secrets you can use in your kitchen to keeping the filling moist while protecting the tortilla from being soggy. Number one: Cook all your ingredients separately, then fold them together. This helps all your ingredients release their moisture properly… Continue reading Breakfast burritos 101