I Smashed My Thumbprints

Thursday thoughts from the kitchen: When you fail to chill your dough before baking thumbprint cookies, don't be surprised if it spreads in the oven, and your cookies end up looking like this. But don't lose heart! Much like these pecan thumbprints I'm testing today, a cookie is tasty no matter its shape, and icing… Continue reading I Smashed My Thumbprints

Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Blondies

I probably should've labeled this post Copycat Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars, because that's precisely what they are. However, at their heart, these are orange blondies, festively dressed with cranberries and white chocolate chips, smothered in cream cheese frosting. Be advised: this recipe makes 24 blondies, and I had a crazy sugar rush after just one.… Continue reading Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Blondies