Sunny Germany

Friday, June 16. We drove from Warnemünde, on the German Baltic coast, to the capital city of Berlin. A whirlwind peek at a city far more beautiful than I was expecting.

More Denmark

Wednesday, June 14, and Thursday, June 15. Traveling from Copenhagen, past Kronborg Castle, to Fredericia, and under the Storebælt Bridge in 11pm summer twilight.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tuesday, June 13, 2017, København, Danmark. We beat the rain, and the colors came out to play (click images for larger size).

Gold Creek Pond and Trail

A breathtaking, lesser-known picnic spot near the Summit at Snoqualmie called Gold Creek Pond and Trail. About an hour outside Seattle and exceptionally stunning on a sunny Memorial Day.    

Picnic on the top of the world

Eagle Point and Guano Point along the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, November 2008. Over 4,700 feet down to the canyon floor. Can you see the eagle?  

The colors of Sunset Beach

Walking Sunset Beach on Oahu in 2014, I glanced over at my sister. Besides being one of my favorite people in one of her favorite places, I love the way the color of her bright shirt plays off the color of the water. It’s one of my favorite shots.

Columbia River Gorge

Hubs and I escaped for a few days this weekend to one of the prettiest parts of our state: the stunning Columbia River Gorge. In the summer months, crowds flock here for hiking, camping, wine tastings, and wind surfing. While our off-season winter escape involved mostly snowy vistas and romantic snuggles by the fireplace, we’re…

Open doors

Am I the only person who always takes photos of doors and doorways? No matter where I go on this planet, I always bring home at least one photo of a door. Simple doors, ornate doors, cathedral doors, alleyway doors, ivy-covered doors…my hard drive is filled with them!

Friday Favorites: Devil’s Dyke

Nestled in my favorite country of England, this breathtaking vista is called Devil’s Dyke, an astounding viewpoint on the South Downs near the city of Brighton. In all of my travels throughout the British Isles, this is one of my absolute favorite views.  

The quiet of NYC

It’s very easy to get lost in the fast pace of New York City. Even I, a self-proclaimed city girl, find myself exhausted by the bustle and the noise after awhile. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t delicious pockets of quiet in the Big Apple. And perhaps it’s the stark contrast to the noise that…